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Intuitive and Immediate Learning Platforms

A way to create personalised learning platforms where you will be able to manage, distribute and create your XCRIBA courses without complex configuration and installation processes.

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Online courses for your network and for the world

Share your knowledge privately or publicly in the same place, bring your skills closer to anybody within your network or to external collaborators.

A user-friendly setting

The courses flow in a coherent way.

Encourage learning and allow constant interaction, our tools and functions keep the desire to learn and teach alive.

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Dynamic and active learning

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Immediate Implementation

You will be able to become part of a learning community on the cloud in no time, XCHOOL adapts itself to your needs without having to go through advanced configurations or complex and costly implementation processes.

Versatile and customizable

Configure and personalise the perfect setting for your project, choose the functions and look&feel that best suit your teaching and learning method.

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Data registration and continuous assessment

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Punctual and custom-built monitoring

Consult your students' reports and statistcs and export them to different formats in order to analyse them in detail, which will in turn help you make the most of your learning program's potential.

Full and Autonomous Administration

From day one, you will have access to our functions to manage, teach and evaluate your students, without having to go through long and complex adaptation processes.

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